Text Box: Two things to know about tanning in Anchorage to avoid the
white tan in Alaska!!

Using a light meter, how much tanning power do you really have?
What are the exposure times in 4 weeks for your skin type?



Ģ Available at Flash Tan for a better solution in Alaska to keep color.

$145 cash for 5 tans of level 7


Follow the exposure schedule in accordance with your
skin type for any tanning level you use.
It can be found on the tanning equipment.

No sunburn when you control the exposure time.

Session time for tanning is likeÖ the dosage for medication



What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a substance that functions like a vitamin (as a fat-soluble vitamin it is stored in fat tissue in the body), but it is also a hormone. Its many activities include regulating bone health, muscle health, immune system response, insulin and blood sugar levels, and calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Vitamin D is manufactured by the body through exposure to sunlight.


Vitamin D is perhaps the single most underrated nutrient in the world of nutrition. Thatís probably because itís free: Drug companies canít sell you sunlight, so thereís no promotion of its health benefits that prevents osteoporosis, depression, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and it even effects diabetes and obesity. Truth is, most people donít know the real story on vitamin D and health.


Sufficient levels of vitamin D are crucial for calcium absorption in your intestines. Without sufficient vitamin D, your body cannot absorb calcium, rendering calcium supplements useless. Chronic vitamin D deficiency cannot be reversed overnight: it takes months of vitamin D supplementation and sunlight exposure to rebuild the bodyís bones and nervous system.


Helio = Sun + Therapy = Healing

Flash Tan is a Full Spectrum System for better results with a tanning time to

avoid over-exposure. Itís the best treatment for S.A.D. and vitamin D deficiency.



Unlimited Flash Dance for $39.99 cash

(Taxes and fees are added with bankcards)




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Compare 3 different tanning levels.



Highest tanning power measured by a light meter.



Maximum exposure time for fair skin is recommended

in one week.